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“We sincerely hope you will enjoy and appreciate the flawless execution of the depicted exercises by the renowned Galina Mezentseva and that this exposure will stimulate your curiosity to learn more about this extraordinary Teaching Method.

This demonstration lesson though a complete and correct lesson of this level should not be blindly copied, for the various combinations of exercises needed to develop a dancer at the various levels where they can safely execute these exercises depicted must also be learned and studied in greater detail than can be presented even in the finest video program. Failure to understand and properly apply the detailed principles of this teaching program will not only nullify most of it’s anticipated benefits to the student, but will also put the student at risk for injuries.

There are two main goals of this taped video program. The first is to provide a brief, coherent history of the Russian Teaching method and of the guiding principles that make this method so unique and effective in developing the flexibility, strength, endurance, and nerve – muscle memory, as well as the discipline and attention to detail so essential to the development of a great Ballet Artist. The second goal is to provide an accurate and correct demonstration lesson, recording the details and standards of performance for a Ballet Student of this system who is at the beginning of their fourth year of academic ballet training.

This video program brings together the talents of Prima Ballerina Galina Mezentseva and Professor Peggy Willis-Aarnio Professor of Classical Ballet (Texas Tech University). After taking personal lessons with Professor Willis-Aarnio, Galina Mezentseva has stated that ‘ Professor Peggy Willis-Aarnio is an eminent authority on The Teaching Method of Classical Ballet and “is a walking Ballet Encyclopedia.”

The initial first video DVD #1 was a professional – collaborative effort and the first of the series that became the culmination of a life-long dream of both of these professional women, to create a correct, factual, and articulate record and an explanation of the Ballet Training Program developed in Russia over the past 250 years. In their view and in the view shared by many others, The Russian Ballet Teaching Tradition that was codified by Agrippina Vaganova and then refined by her pedagogical students, has become the inspiration and the force that has shaped nearly every great Ballet Artist of this century. This system is the most thoroughly researched, scientifically based , physiologically correct and effective Ballet Program devised, and one whose details must be preserved as a legacy to future generations of Ballet Artists.

As stated in “DANCE NOW” Autumn 1992, UK, Mezentseva embodies what she has to give -250 years of ballet history, a living museum of styles, a tradition of teaching as well as performing..” Internationally recognized as one of the world’s greatest dancers, Galina Mezentseva was the pride of the Kirov Ballet and the foremost Prima Ballerina there for over 20 years representing the best of the Russian Ballet Tradition with great success.

Galina Mezentseva was a top graduate with the highest honors from the revered VAGANOVA BALLET ACADEMY and one of the few invited into the 9th class (the “Classe de Perfection”), of the world famous ballet educational establishment, thus finishing the complete 9 Year Program of this Academy. Galina has received the finest Balletic Training in Russia. Her personal demonstration in this video series is important and valuable as a very immediate way of informing and helping the younger dancers.”


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The Willis Ballet Educational Video Library – Demonstrated by Galina Mezentseva – Prima Ballerina of the Kirov Ballet for nearly 20 years.